Find A Solution for Your Too Cold or Too Hot Bed

too cold or too hot bed

Improving the sleeping experience depends on several factors related to both the habits of the sleeper and also the condition of the sleeping room. Despite having a comfy bed, the temperature of the room determines the kind of sleep you will experience. With unregulated temperature conditions in the bed, usually as the sleeper, you twirl a lot at night. Sometimes too much tossing may lead to waking up in the middle of the sleep while too sweaty or freezing in the cold.

Nobody wants to sleep in uncomfortable conditions as this will affect the sleeping experience as well as have adverse effects on your health. Too much cold at night might lead to diseases such as arthritis and frostbite; while too much heat leads to conditions such as insomnia. So, is your bed too hot or too cold? Find a solution by going through this article which provides tips on how to manipulate the temperature in your bed.

Reasons for Sleeping Too Hot or Too Cold

Different people require different temperature levels for sleep. While some people need cold temperatures, others would prefer sleeping in hot conditions. However, the levels of coldness or hotness should not be extreme as that would only affect the sleeping cycle. Various aspects affect the temperature levels in your bed. Determining these factors is a significant step towards rectifying the conditions and improving your sleep.

Temperature levels in your bedroom could contribute mainly on whether you sleep too hot or too cold. If your room is too hot, the chances are that you will be too hot at night while the vice versa also applies. Therefore, the first step towards controlling your bed’s temperature is controlling the temperature in your room. You must establish what kind of a sleeper you are, to achieve the best temperature for you. If you are a cold sleeper, you have to find ways to cool your room such as increasing the ventilation. If you are a hot sleeper, you can acquire a heater to warm up the room at night. The other major factor affecting the temperature is the kind of mattress you purchase. The types of sheets and blankets you sleep on significantly affect the level of warmth in your bed as well. Here are different kinds of mattresses and how they influence various temperature conditions in the bed.

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Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress hot

These types of mattresses are usually available in different qualities, but mostly, they are susceptible to temperature. They vary through high density, medium density, and low density. They are suitable for hot sleepers with the high-density foam mattress being the most sensitive to temperature. Traditional foam mattresses respond relatively rapidly to the temperature where sleepers report to sleep too hot in them. The alternative for a relatively cold sleep is the Gel memory foam mattresses as they are cooler compared to the traditional ones, but as you sleep, they become hotter through the night. Plant-based foam mattress has a moderate response to the temperature where they feel cool when you sleep on them at first and will remain cool throughout the night.

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Latex mattress

Natural latex mattresses are made from sap usually extracted from rubber trees. It means that in the structure of the mattress, there are small openings throughout allowing for free circulation of air. The mattress also has pinholes all around enhancing the airflow. Therefore, besides the mattress facilitating breathability as you sleep, it also offers cooler sleeping temperature. The mattress covers are made of cotton which further allows for dissipation of heat. However, some synthetic fiber based latex mattresses are made with tighter openings; therefore they may feel warmer than the natural latex mattresses.

Water-bed mattress

Waterbed mattresses are suitable for cold sleepers since they adjust accordingly to your body temperature changes. Water in the mattresses tends to absorb heat from the surrounding and your body, therefore, most sleepers complain of sleeping too cold during cold seasons and too hot during the hot seasons. However, the good thing is that they usually have a provision for a heater and therefore, if you feel like the mattress is getting colder than you wish, you can adjust to warmer temperatures.

Spring mattress

Different innerspring mattresses are made with a varying thickness of the covering foam and fiber which affects the temperature response. Those with thick foam usually feel warmer than those with thin coverings. They are made of metal coils on the inner side thereby offering maximum comfort since they spring back in case you roll in your bed. That also affects heat distribution in the bed as you can adjust your sleeping positions efficiently.

Selecting Your Beddings and Sleeping Habits

For efficient control of the sleeping temperatures, you need to choose cautiously, the type of bedsheets and blankets for your bed as well.  Your sleeping habits will determine the temperature in your sleep too. Therefore, if you would like to experience a relatively hot sleep, the following are some of the practices you need to consider.

  • Use at least two relatively thick blankets, to reduce heat dissipation
  • During cold seasons, you can use electric blankets to increase warmth levels, apart from when sleeping on a foam mattress
  • Waterbed heaters can also help in case of a waterbed mattress
  • Put on socks and gloves while sleeping during very cold seasons like the winter
  • Use heated mattress pads to cover the surface of the mattress before sleeping on it

Otherwise, if your sleep gets too hot and you would like to cool the temperatures a bit, the following habits would be essential.

  • Do not fully cover yourself during your sleep to help cool your body
  • Use light blankets and mostly you should cover yourself with one blanket
  • Consider blankets and sheets made of breathable material such as cotton and fibers
  • Do not sleep in many clothing; consider light pajamas


Having a more precise understanding of different conditions affecting the temperature is essential as you will have the know-how of making the necessary changes. Having a too cold or too hot bed can significantly affect your sleep which eventually might affect your productivity during the day. If you get enough sleep, your mind relaxes, and when you wake up, you can face your routine activities with much vigor. Therefore, make the noblest choice while buying a mattress, beddings and then adapt the most suitable habits to help improve your sleeping experience.